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“All cats are beautiful.”


WAGMI. We are gonna make it. This started as an art project back in 2018 in a bar, where we let people draw cats on the tables, later in books. This went totally crazy and we ended up with 40+ books full of cats in 2020.

Since then, we have developed a print-on-demand cat pipeline, a cat tinder-clone for swiping and rating cat drawings, we have experimented with minting NFTs on Tezos, have contributed to a diversity of Open Source Blockchain projects and got into Ethereum development.

Katzenmalen started experimenting with artificial intelligence, combing different techniques of image recognition and manipulation to a cat dream pipeline. We feed the pipeline’s deep dream and style transfer parts with photo material from Festivals, with psychedelic art and with artworks made by our friends, to generate CAT DREAMS.

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We have a Discord community where we talk about blockchain development on Solana and Dogecoin, teach ways of algotrading with Python and give free coaching sessions for startup founders.

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